Hey guys, How are you? We’re going to learn how to place an image in a text in Photoshop. Isn’t it amazing? Summer is approaching and all those beaches are now more beautiful than ever. So I thought why not take Hawai in this picture?

Last time I wrote a tutorial on Adjustment Tools in Photoshop.

This is a simple tutorial.

I am going to show you the image before I proceed.

Final-1 - Photoshop: Place an Image in Text

Isn’t is looking beautiful? See all the shiny emboss and green color.

Let’s create it.

Step 1: Type the Text

Open the image and grab the Text tool.

Start writing the text you want. I am going to write “Aloha”. I am using “Lato” font.

1 - Photoshop: Place an Image in Text

Decrease the Fill to 0%. Now the text should disappear.

2 - Photoshop: Place an Image in Text

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