5 - Day 22 - The Camera Raw Filter in Photoshop: Part 1

This is where the noise reduction and sharpness come into picture.

Here I am going to explain only three sliders which are Amount in Sharpening, and Luminance and Color in Noise Reduction. Other sliders are for advanced users and if I explain those, I need to use certain terms which you are not used to.

Sharpening>Amount: This sharpens the image.

You may ask a question that what is the difference between Clarity and Sharpening.

Sharpening works on the edges of light and dark pixels. The algorithm is build to look at lines of pixels in your photo and to lighten the pixels next to light lines, and darken pixels next to dark lines, thus creating a better definition along these edges.

Clarity on the other hand adds contrast to the mid-tones of the photo. The results is in the details of the textures.

Noise Reduction>Luminance: This reduces the noise. Sometimes, you see that there are a lot of grains present in an image. This sliders helps you to reduce them.

This slider works flawlessly with Skin softening as well.

Noise Reduction>Colors: Generally noise are white dots but in some cases, you’ll see blue and red dots i.e. colored noises. This slider helps you to reduce it.

It’s always recommended to zoom in to 100% or even more when you play with these sliders because changes are subtle and you may notice the difference if you’re zoomed out. Even Photoshop also displays this notification at the bottom.

That’s all folks for today. We’ll cover more of the in the next tutorial.

Let’s meet again next week.

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