What is Lightroom?

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As a photographer, whether professional or hobbyist, you need to be able to take stunning pictures. Often times it is the skill and experience which can teach about what settings work best according to the scenery. But, camera and colors play an equally major role in this too! This is where Adobe Lightroom comes in. You can understand what is Lightroom below:


Simply put, a phone or digital camera is only good enough to decide what looks best as per its coding and sensor settings. Nowadays, machine learning can do a lot, but in the end, one needs to use their own judgment to take stunning shots. When you take a massive number of photos, it is hard to concentrate on capturing the perfect picture every single time.

What is Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is your companion if you find yourself too often in the above scenario. Lightroom, as the name indicates, is the photographer’s best friend. It can manipulate, process and edit photos as required into an amazing end product. Adobe has enabled everything one would ideally need in a traditional sense of a dark room.

Whether it is pushing out amazing looking photographs or tuning intrinsic details about your capture digitally, Lightroom can do it all. You can change all the basic settings such as contrast, exposure, shadows, white balance among so many other available elements. There is a large number of data that a DSLR or even a smartphone captures in one photo.

As a multi platform tool, Lightroom is ideal to use anywhere, be it your smartphone or your desktop computer. Both professionals and hobbyists are using this amazing software to get amazing looking photos. Moreover, it can process RAW files such as .NEF perfectly.

RAW file formats show you how much this amazing software can actually tune and edit in your image. Additionally, whether is is JPG files or RAW, the performance and capabilities of Lightroom give you full and easy to use control over photo editing.

Additional Features:

Lightroom is not only good at editing the basic and finer details of your photos, but also can add a bit of flair to your photos. You can use built in Lightroom presets to completely change the setting and background of an image. Additionally, you can also rely on it to give you an accurate sense of how images would look on any screen in general.

If you need to understand what is Lightroom more, you need to start practicing on it right away and play with the controls a bit. As an easy to use software, it is quite intuitive in how it operates and can be your best buddy in churning out a picture perfect photo session in no time. It can process a bulk of images and you can process them into any desirable format as well.

In addition to bulk processing, Lightroom is perfect in sorting through your library and applying any number of edits to your portfolio. As an all in one package this is the ultimate tool to edit your photos irrespective of size, format, or even quality!