How to Remove Glare from Glasses Miraculously for FREE in App

Is the glare on your glasses bothering you? Do you want to print a photo but the glare on the glass is ruining the photo? Or perhaps you shot a perfect photo for your work life but you can’t use it because your eyes are blocked by the reflection on the glasses.

Don’t worry. I’m going to show you how can you remove glare from glasses for free. You only need to have an iPhone or an Android phone to magically remove the reflection on the glasses.

But before we show you, let me show you what info you can get from this tutorial.

Before and After photos of removing glare on the glasses



What causes glare on the glasses in photos?

Glasses reflect light. You and I know this fact.

When light is coming from the front, your glasses reflect that light. This reflection causes glare.

How to avoid glare on glasses in a photo?

Cole’s Classroom has very nice tips on avoiding glare on glasses. Some of them are

  1. Change the angle of the face to avoid the reflection
  2. Put the light source behind you. I mean don’t face the light source.
  3. Tilt the glasses to avoid glare

How to remove glare from glasses online?

I’m going to show you how can you remove the glare using a free phone app. But for some reason, if you want to use an online website to remove the glare, you try either of these two options.

  • FREE (takes time + skill but doesn’t cost money) – you can try PicMonkey
  • Paid (no effort and skills required but costs $10+) – let our own certified editors remove it for you. You get a FREE demo first. Go to our Photo Editing Service page and fill out the form to send your photo to us.

How to remove glare from glasses on iPhone?

We’re going to use Snapseed to remove the glare from glasses.

Download the free app now to follow along with this tutorial

Download the iOS app on iPhone using the below image.

How to remove glare from glasses on Android phones?

We’re again going to use Snapseed to remove the glare from glasses.

Download the Android app on Google Play using the below image.

How to remove glare from glasses for FREE?

Video tutorial on removing glare from glasses

If you prefer watching video tutorials, we have one on YouTube.

Tap on the Play button and start watching the tutorial.

Step 1: Open the photo and zoom in on the glare

Open your photo in the app.

Now zoom in to the glare to see it clearly.

Step 2: Use the Healing Tool to remove the glare

Tap on Tools > Healing.

Now start dragging your finger on the reflection to remove the reflection from the glasses in a photo.

See the below GIF.

Do it more and more.

Step 3: Remove the glare on the other glass also

Similarly, remove the glare on the other glass also.

Step 4: Tune the glasses to make them look natural

Okay, so we’ve removed the glare now but the glasses aren’t looking 100% natural.

We’re going to change some basic settings like brightness, contrast, etc. to make it look natural.

Go to Tools > Tune image.

Change the setting to this. This one works for me. You can copy these or you may need to use a different setting.

  • Brightness: +5
  • Contrast: +50
  • Saturation: +2
  • Ambiance: +2
  • Highlights: -13
  • Shadows: -27

This is how the photo looks now.

Ignore all other parts except the glasses. See how sharp the glasses look now.

Step 5: Remove the tuning from all parts but the glasses

Tap on the Layers icon.

Then tap on View Edits.

Then tap on this icon.

Start sliding your finger on the glasses. This will temporarily paint the glass red.

See this GIF.

In the same way, do it for the other one also.

Click on this tick after that.

That’s it.

If you want, you can apply some filters to the photo.

Here’s our photo.

Other apps you can use to remove your double chin

If you don’t use Snapseed, you can use these apps also.

The steps will be the same. Only the UI will be different.

  • PicsArt
  • Photoshop Express

Let TrickyPhotoshop Remove the double chin in your photos

I understand if you’re not getting a good result. This is a complex tutorial for many of us.

I’m here to help you. My team will remove the glare from the glasses in your photos. We provide photo editing services. We’d love to keep our services free like we kept this tutorial free, but we won’t be able to pay our editors and bills.


  • You saw how to remove glare from glasses in a photo using an app.
  • You can also avoid reflection on glasses by making sure that there’s no bright light source in front of you
  • Or you can use our photo editing service if you’re not getting a good result.