10 Must Know Photoshop Skills for Beginner to Become Intermediate Users

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Photo is something very special and precious one. We capture some beautiful moments and emotions in photo. People call photographers in special occasions to make it more special and capture the special events special moments. It’s natural that we always love to remember special events and some beautiful smiley and happy days of our life.

Still everyone could not be photographers. Photography is an art and a passion. Every one could not be expert in photography. Photography is not like other professions. It needs special talent and skill to make the moment more enjoyable and more happening. Now a day’s youngsters choose photography field and take it as a passion. It needs extra talent and skill to understand the photographic angle and the photographic tools and techniques.

After the new invention of Photoshop, the photographers got a new way and new technique to make their photo and image more beautiful and more attractive. Photoshop brought new version of photography and gave a new image and made a simple picture to more attractive and different. Photoshop is a instrument, not a support. A bad photo is a bad photo it can’t be made good by editing or by doing extra processing or adjustments. But by overusing Photoshop and editing a good photo will be turning to bad. So we have to be very careful while using Photoshop.

By using Photoshop neatly and carefully we can make a photo more attractive and photographers must know basic techniques of using Photoshop. Photoshop makes your most excellent photo into a remarkable masterpiece. There are essential skills that photographers must know and they should adopt those skills in their photos.

Use of brush

In Photoshop brush is an elementary and foundational tool. It’s not easy to use it has its own way and method. A perfect photographer must know how to use the brush in Photoshop. If he understands that the photographer will be able to understand the related tools. There is fundamental equipment beginners should learn about the brush tool.

The photographer must know how to use a different brush and when which brush should be used. There is also an adjustment in brush size. So the photographer must understand the usage of brush in a different size. Not only that, those beginners are not able to understand the brush dullness. So he must understand the brush cloudiness and brush flow.

Tool selection

In Photoshop there is a number of ways to select tools. Some are simple and some are a complicated one. There are two selection tools which every beginner photographer must know. The marquee tool and another is lasso tool.

The marquee tool gives you the option of different shapes and size by selecting the particular size you have to do work or edit in that size. Lasso tool is a freehand tool. You have to draw the area which you want to work it out. It has no limitation of size and shape. Selection of particular area helps you to work within a specific area without affecting other parts of the image. It’s up to you which one you want to select and which will make your photo more attractive.

Using filter tool

Some photographers rarely use the filter tool in Photoshop. But every beginner should have the knowledge about filtering in Photoshop then only he can understand the basics of Photoshop. Pick an image and use your techniques of filtering in it. Then you will be able to understand the real use of filtering in Photoshop.

Vignette technique

Vignette is technique basically used to high light the real picture in the frame. Without diverting your mind you can focus on the picture. It’s basically darkening and giving extra blackish colour to the edge of the frame so that you can concentrate on the subject. As a result of the vignette, there will be a dark shade around the subject.

Sharpening the picture

It’s another tool in Photoshop that every beginner must be aware of. In its word itself, we can get the idea that it’s used to make the picture sharper and more detailed. I will suggest using this tool while photo shopping your image but never use it too much. When you make the picture more detailed may be at one point it will lose the attribute of attraction so photographers must use it but for limited.

Brightening and contrast

It’s another very important tool in Photoshop. It’s very easy to make an adjustment so one must be very careful by using it. We have to apply them very carefully. When the photo session was done in Light room the photographer must use brightening tool to make it clearer and adjust it to correct flow of exposure. One must be very care full while using brightening and contrasting tool because it goes hand in hand. It must complement each other.

Curves and level

Curves and level tools are one of the advanced approaches of brightening and contrasting tool. We use brightening and contrast tool in Photoshop at the same time Photoshop gives another tool called curves and levels its use also the same but we can same that it’s somewhat more advanced than other. It makes subject targeted. It’s not easy to use at first but later you will use it and you can handle it easily and you will wonder about its result.

Photoshop content aware fill

It’s very useful and very advanced tool in Photoshop. By using this tool you can make your picture more attractive and beautiful. You can avoid the unwanted area by selecting from the frame and delete it. You just select an unwanted area from the frame and apply this tool. This tool carefully reads the frame and without much effort removes the selected area.

Colour balancing tool

Colour balancing tool always helps you to look into your picture from a different angle. Colour balancing helps you to understand how the existing colours interact or complement each other. Colour is the very important part which you can try while ornament ling your photographs.

Cropping tool

The cropping tool is easy to apply and its use must be known to the photographers while they are photo shopping. It helps the photographer to drag the photo and select it as he wants. It gives a more accurate look at your image and helps to focus on your subject matter.

So these are some Photoshop skills which every beginner photographers should adopt in their picture. Some are easy to handle and some are difficult in the beginning later on you can use it. It’s all about new creativity and new thoughts.