Top 10 Covid Christmas Cards Designs

Whenever the end of the year approaches, the question arises: How do you manage to make Christmas greetings business and at the same time personal, warm, perhaps also contemplative or funny?

It’s all about the right tone. To make things a little easier for you, we have put together free text templates just in case.

There is no way around Christmas greetings in business life.

For many just a chore, these good wishes, and thanks at the end of the year fulfill an important function: They express appreciation and can also be used to thank customers and partners for their loyal or successful cooperation.

It might be a small gesture, but it’s especially important in difficult times.

Therefore, you should not let the chance slip by and send individual Christmas greetings, especially in this Corona year.

It all depends on the right tone: professional with a personal touch.

Because be careful, with some carelessly put together text or the economical card that bears the invisible stamp “mass mailing”, you tend to achieve the opposite.

The recipient gets the feeling that the sender doesn’t consider them important enough to bother. And hand on heart: Sometimes that is the case.

But you should never notice that on a Christmas card.

Here is our list of Christmas cards inspired by pandemic:

1. Snowcial Distancing Christmas Postcard

If you are a fan of the rustic and natural style, this is your postcard.

Use color pencils to create the two snowmen at distance and put a face mask and face shield over the face.

2. The Most Loving Christmas Card

Totally in love! And unique in the world. Put a rectangular cut-out as a mask of the color you want with a ribbon on both sides and bring your artistry to create two eyes.

Complete the drawing with a marker.

3. A Present For You

Do not save the thread or the needle yet because you will need it for this Christmas postcard with simple and exquisite lines (or rather points).

4. From The Pandemic To Your Christmas Postcard

During the Christmas season, you are flooded with impressions.

So bring some calm into the chaos – and if only with a Christmas card in a minimalist design.

The straightforward style ensures clarity and is usually characterized by the use of only a few colors.

That sounds good? Then take a look at our current Minimalistic card with coronavirus.

5. A Christmas Postcard With Photo

The perfect picture may not exist, but you can congratulate lovers of this sweet memory for the holidays by creating a Christmas card with photos of different sizes with a message.

6. Christmas Card In Red And White

Are you a fan of Christmas decorations and have 5 free minutes? Because you won’t need more time.

Get yourself some red and white vintage style Santa Claus and you will get a very attractive postcard that you can use to congratulate friends and family, but also to decorate any corner of your home.

7. Christmas Postcard With Little Reindeer As The Leading

It is the favorite reindeer of the little ones. And yes, drawing a reindeer, for those of us who do not have artistic gifts, can be (almost) impossible.

But if something stands out about this card is the mask on the reindeer’s nose. The eyes and the antlers, better with the marker and a covid message.

8. Christmas Card With 3D Effect

Magic cannot be missed at Christmas. Create a Christmas tree where the trunk – is crowned by a star (like a wand) with a snowman and reindeer.

With a box, the sanitizer and paper roll ends creating a three-dimensional and very covid Christmas effect.

9. Christmas Postcard With A Mask

Because pink and country flowers are also valid to congratulate Christmas, create this postcard in a more romantic and naive style with a little needle and thread.

10. Christmas Card For The Forgotten

Do you remember that time when we couldn’t live without the Bingo and we marked everything so it wouldn’t get lost?

Well, the time has come to retrieve the old bookmark from the trunk of memories to make your Christmas card.

Find words that define how you feel on these dates (short and long) and paste a picture on it.

Sometimes you want to be unique but don’t overdo it. Create a Christmas card with classic or funny pictures and discreetly incorporate your ideas.

A custom Christmas card from a professional designer will still make your card stand out from the rest and hopefully make it to the top of your loved one’s deck of cards.