Top 10 Christmas Card Ideas for the 2020 Christmas


These holidays let your creativity fly, do an activity with your children or nephews, or even have fun on a rainy Sunday without leaving home by making your own Christmas cards with these ideas and your own.

Let your imagination fly and play with paper, bow, cord, paint, wool, and glitter or even with reused materials that you have around the house.

It is a perfect occasion to keep the little traditions and enjoy doing something manual leaving your friends and family with their mouths open. Merry Christmas to all! Do you dare to make your own creative Christmas cards?

Here are the top 10 Christmas Card ideas for 2020 Christmas

1. Edible Christmas Card

And why not, our Christmas greeting card can be something sweet, like this paper-based house decorated with real baubles. Everyone will like it.


Edible Christmas card in the shape of a cardboard house decorated with baubles and candies.

2. Christmas Card With Photos

A gift worth its salt goes in an envelope or a box, and with this witty way of congratulating Christmas you send a very cool family image and also some gift candies.

Easy and stylish.

The packaging is the key.


3. Christmas Greeting Cards With Words

Remember the Dymo machines for making labels? Well, see how you can use it this Christmas: a pine green roll, names, words, or whatever you want to write, cardboard, and some Christmas decoration such as a star for the tip.

It is super simple and also customizable for each recipient of the card.


4. Geometric, Minimalist, And Colorful Greeting

Colored cardboard and scissors or a cutter and you get a simple Christmas card that is different from what we are used to seeing.

Without a doubt, it is a great, original, and simple idea that if you choose good materials with texture and interesting colors it will give you a 100% result.


5. Christmas Card For The Tree

A card, as we have already seen, not only serves to write your best wishes.

And if you don’t look at this one: we cut a spiral from a cardboard circle and when it unfolds it serves as a DIY Christmas ornament.

A two in one! It is also one of our favorites because it can be made and decorated with the smallest of the house and achieve incredible results.


6. Christmas Cards Made By Hand With Dried Leaves

Another precious option is to opt for a more sober and natural greeting with a white background and a crown of leaves decorating the card.

A very simple, decorative, original Provencal touch with a lot of class. Sometimes, less is more.


7. Christmas Greeting With Little Trees

If you do not want to complicate the process much, we recommend that you get one of these magic machines that you can find with Christmas (or geometric) motifs and pierce all the papers you find, of the colors and textures you want, and compose a card to your style.

There are examples with colored circles like Christmas balls, snowflakes decorating a ‘Merry Christmas’, or green fir trees that go up the hill like this example so cute that we leave you.

Oh, and this machine can even make confetti!


8. Card With A Word Puzzle

We love this card for its entertaining part and it turns out to be very decorative and curious at the same time.

We can take it as a riddle: send the alphabet soup with some colors in an envelope and instructions for use so that they find the 10 hidden words.

A creative and entertaining Christmas!


9. Handmade Christmas Card With A Drawing

Although this is not so original in its form if you can give your touch to the invitation drawn by the hand of a lifetime with references such as this curious one of a deer with Christmas lights.

It is a matter of searching well for a powerful and new idea, which is not the portal of the nativity of all the years…


10. Modern, Rotating Christmas Card

Within the geometric and minimalist world, this example seems very interesting because, in addition to being fast and very attractive, it uses special elements such as the pin to make it rotate and discover the message or the decoration that we like so much with washi tape in black and gold.



At Christmas thousands of decorative ideas and details arise to give to friends and family, cards are a traditional part of it.

Try to use this compression to create a visual effect between planes, the 2020 Christmas cards to congratulate and send good wishes will be given a lot under the digital character.