5 Best Photoshop Plug-Ins for Photo Editing in 2021

An image without photoshop is like a mythical creature nowadays: You’ve heard of them, but you are not sure you’ve actually seen one…

Photoshop is an image-editing software. Even though it is frequently associated with extreme editing of modeling pictures and advertising, its uses go far beyond that. It is perhaps the most acclaimed image software there is, and that recognition is justifiable by the software’s flexibility.

Adobe’s Photoshop is used in multiple contexts such as the prevalent image modification, but also website designing, graphics creation, typography, … As a matter a fact, the software has even become a powerful business tool! Since we are living in a very visual world, any enterprise must pay close attention to its visual cues; from their flyers to their website, everything is well-thought-out. If you feel like Photoshop may be imperceptible, just know that every logo design is done using Adobe’s firstborn son. The next time you spot some Nikes in the crowd, remember they were made recognizable by a program that’s been around since 1988.

PS I Love You

Even though Photoshop stands beautifully by itself, the truth is you can find some plug-ins to enhance it, or at least make it more suitable to your needs. Plug-ins are software that are installed within another program to give them added features. They are of multiple kinds and purposes, such as emulators, media players, or ad-blockers. Today we are focusing on the ones you can, and should, install on your Photoshop.

With the right plug-ins, you can increase your workflow by saving time! They can simplify difficult tasks, and allow the automatization of actions for a smoother performance. When browsing for plug-ins, you will find that some of them are free, some of them aren’t. Their price isn’t set based on their quality alone, therefore, you can get amazing plug-ins without charge. With this in mind, here are our suggestions of useful plug-ins for you to explore:


This plug-in is very widely known and used for editing raw images, although it also allows you to edit JPEG and TIFF. Camera-Raw eliminates the need to install Lightroom (another Adobe software specifically for image editing) since you can virtually do all the things you’d do in it. This easy-going plug-in is absolutely free of charge and suitable for both Windows and Mac systems.


With this funny-sounding plug-in, you can turn your designs into animated content. Powtoon enables custom animation, stock footage, and soundtrack, with the possibility of exporting the results to Youtube, MP4, Facebook, etc. This animated software comes to a grand total of… zero money!

Infinite Color

Arguably the best color grading extension on the market, Infinite Color is a smart tool that randomly generates a set of adjustment layers, creating one-of-a-kind looks for your images. With a friendly interface, this plug-in helps you see all the color possibilities your project has, so it can save you time in deciding what you like. Everything is customizable, and the infinite number of choices grant your creations to be unique. The Infinite Color panel comes with the price of $129.00, but if you catch a promotional code (on their website), the expense can fall to around $85.

Corel ParticleShop

A fantastic aid for those who use Photoshop for painting, ParticleShop takes Corel’s astounding brush technology within Adobe’s software. You can use the 11 different brushes with either a mouse, touchscreen, or even pressure-sensitive tablets. Enhance your images with varied effects: Hair, Fur, Light, Space, Smoke, Storm, Debris, Fabric, and Fine Art. Yours for $49.99, Corel ParticleShop has the option of extra brush packs for $29.99.


On their website, GuideGuide indicates that you should avoid this plug-in “if you enjoy pain”; we couldn’t agree more. Designers spend a lot of time creating grids and guides for their layouts: GuideGuide is a plug-in that does it for you! In addition to guides, it quickly marks edges and midpoints, also creating custom grids. Save your preferences and your time by not having to deal with those pesky lines. GuideGuide offers two purchasing possibilities: a yearly subscription for $47 or a monthly payment of $7 per license.

In Conclusion

Photoshop is a vast world and the right plug-ins can help you navigate it. Either you use it for image manipulation, typography, logo design, or even experimentally, a plug-in will save you time and max-out your options and potential. Thank you for reading!