Useful Tips to Create Remarkable Photos

For many individuals, nothing makes magnificent vacation memories more impressive and remarkable than a bunch of exclusive pictures that they take during their trips.

It is easy to make your vacations last in a physical manner.

However, great pictures can provide you with incredible ways to make your vacations unforgettable.

Nonetheless, you ought to learn how to create remarkable photos to enjoy this feeling. But, you do not need to be an expert to take good pictures.

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Back then, before the invention of smartphones, taking great pictures was a labor-strenuous process.

You ought to possess an ornamental camera and editing software for your computer as well as invest ample time and effort into learning how to utilize them.

But thanks to technology, there are numerous mobile devices and the editing tools that accompany them.

You can create high-quality and outstanding pictures and edit them as you please.

So, if you want to learn how to take nice photos, consider the tips and techniques below.

Capture interesting lighting

Good lighting is one of the primary things for taking good pictures.

While the majority of amateur photographers overlook this photography aspect, professional and skilled photographers fixate about it.

Lighting is the most integral thing to make your pictures embrace a professional look.

But why is it interesting?

Well, not only is it distinctive from what you often see but also highlights the subject and bestows it in a good way.

Strike a pose

Your posture is one of the crucial things when it comes to creating outstanding pictures.

The shutter speed of mobile devices is slow but not in bright light. Shaking or moving the camera around will create blurry images.

So, ensure you hold your phone with both hands while bending your elbows and tucking them into your chest.

Or, you can rest your phone on a tripod, wall, or handrail.

If your mobile camera incorporates a stabilization feature, ascertain that you enable it.

This will assist in reducing the blurriness in the picture.

Understand your camera

One of the fascinating things about mobile photography is that it incorporates settings that will help you create remarkable pictures.

When taking photos, there is that critical moment that you would like to capture.

However, this is not the ideal time for you to dive into the menu to figure out what works best for a specific situation.

Similar to any camera, it is better that you toy around with it one a regular basis and practice with various settings to identify what works best.

Check out the settings on your camera application to see if you can regulate the focus point, ISO, and exposure. Some native applications are equipped with manual or pro settings.

But, if your phone does not have one, you should find a different camera application.

Controlling aperture or shutter speed is not easy. Hence, you need to manage what you can regulate.

Focus on one subject

The majority of exclusive pictures incorporate just one fascinating subject.

Hence, when taking a photo of one, spend ample time setting up the shot.

Professional photographers state that to learn how to take good pictures, you should not fill the whole frame.

Additionally, two-thirds of the pictures ought to be negative space. This helps your subject to stand out more.

However, you need to warranty that you tap the screen of your mobile device to focus your camera on the subject.

This will not only help ascertain that it is focused but that there is good lighting optimization.

Clean the lens

Your lens also ought to be clean at all times if you want to have clear and beautiful photos.

Thus, before taking any photos, you need to ensure that the lens is clean.

Learn to wipe it at all times with a piece of clean cloth to remove any dust particles that may make your photo blur.

Embrace negative space

‘Negative space’ are the areas that lie around and between the subjects of a photo.

It looks like a massive expanse of water, an open sky, a huge wall, or an empty field.

This can alter a picture from good to perfect.

When you incorporate a lot of negative space in your picture(s) your subject will not only stand out but also arouse or conjure a stronger reaction from the viewers.

Embracing negative space can help you take the pictures that you want and get to make your memories remarkable and unforgettable.

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Find different perspectives

Taking pictures from an exceptional, startling angle can make them more remarkable.

This tends to build a height or depth illusion with the subjects.

Additionally, it makes the phots stand out since the majority of mobile pictures are taken straight.

So, it is integral that you direct your camera upwards and utilize the sky as a negative space to take your pictures.

Or, you may consider using a slightly downward perspective.

Editing software

An editing tool is efficient in making great photos.

You may take your pictures and find them rather over or underexposed or with a white balance off.

Do not fret too much about it.

There are several editing software such as Snapseed and LightRoom that you can use to edit your pictures.

Also, you can edit pictures from your laptop for more powerful solutions ad better control options.

These editing tools can crop, straighten the horizon, correct white balance, adjust highlights, as well as the shadows.

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In conclusion, taking great photos can help you create remarkable memories.

However, you need to have a good camera, good lighting, negative space, and a particular subject to make it perfect.

And thanks to technology, you do not have to rely on an expensive camera as you can do so from the comfort of your mobile device.

Smartphones are equipped with good cameras and outstanding features that can help you make great photos.

Additionally, you do not need to be a professional to take good photos.

But, you can ask for photo-taking tips from a photo enthusiast.

Nonetheless, above are some of the most efficient tips for taking pictures that you can use to make striking and outstanding memories.

How to Take Formal Photo for CV

When drafting your resume, some companies and organizations will require you to add a photo in your CV. Similar to going for a job interview, the first impression you give to a prospective hiring manager is important.

Your picture is a fundamental part of your profile and together with your recruitment history as well as other credentials, they will market you as a strong potential employee or a firm networking connection.

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However, one question you need to ask yourself is how to take a CV photo for your resume.

Adding a headshot is one of the certain ways to do so. This will help set you apart from other job applicants.

Nonetheless, the ideal question is if a resume photo makes you unique and stand out in a positive or negative manner.

The answer depends on various factors: why you should include the picture and why you should not. Either way, below are some tips and techniques that you can use to learn how to take a formal photo for CV.

Keep it formal

As the photo is for use in an online profile such as LinkedIn or your resume, you may want to have it simple and formal.

Instead of thinking too much about the different outfits you want to try on, think of white, black, or navy tops and simple accessories.

This is not the time for you to display your dangling and shiny earrings or neckpieces. Keep away from busy patterns. Solids are ideal for better headshots.

You want to draw the focus and attention to your face and eyes.

Thus, you do not need to treat this as a fashion contest. You will have all the time to brag or boast your desired threads at your new profession.

So, have a professional photo for your resume that will help increase your chances of landing a face to face interview.

Take off your glasses

Do you want to take your resume photo with glasses or without?

Well, to help you answer that, respond to this, ‘Do you remove your glasses when going to bed?’

If so, go ahead. However, if you are one of the people who wear them on an intermittent or occasional basis, you do not need to put them on.

Also, remember to keep hand gestures and facial expressions neutral.

Do not fish pucker your mouth, make peace signs, exaggerated bug eyes, or squint while facing the camera.

Picture yourself walking into an office for an interview for your dream career. How will you smile? Ponder on that.

Use a neutral background

The most important person in your resume writing process is you.

Hence, the background of your photo CV ought to be something neutral.

It is not a must that it be white. You can choose a distinctive color.

However, over-excitement should not consume you and make you opt for a luminous green or yellow.

Most pictures have white backgrounds. So, with a simple grey or neutral color background, you will be unique and distinctive from other job seekers.

Furthermore, you will not be taking a big risk and you will remain professional.

Ask a friend for help

While it is possible to take the picture yourself, it is beneficial to ask somebody else like your friend for assistance.

Your friend can take your picture for you while you focus on smiling or standing up straight in a manner that shows the hiring managers you want them to hire you.

After taking the photo, you can ask a professional from a reliable writing service such as to insert and edit the photo for you.

You want a guarantee that you will get the job. So, ask for help from an expert.

Frame from the waist up

Profile pictures for your online profiles or resumes ought to be your profile.

Full body shots are not necessary as they will fill up all the valuable space on your resume that you can use to list your qualifications and accomplishments.

So, instead of taking full-body pictures, consider framing them from the waist up.

This will help get the ideal photo for your CV.

Find some natural light

The background light to your picture is also an important factor that you need to put into consideration.

The lighting helps to make your picture clearer and beautiful.

So, instead of using poor light, use natural light.

This is not difficult to find and it does not require too many adjustments.

So, find a spot where there is enough natural light and take your photo.

Ensure that there are no rays when taking the photo as that will not be the ideal CV picture to use in your resume.


When taking a photo, you are bound to capture some extra details such as people or other images in the background, or the photo may be too big.

Do not use the whole picture in your resume.

Consider cropping it.

Cut out all the unnecessary parts of your picture.

While at it, ensure that it is proportional and a good fit. There are various cropping tools that you can use to obtain the perfect size.

Use Photoshop a little

Another efficient and effective means of ensuring you obtain the perfect photo for your resume is using Photoshop.

This software application can help you to edit and retouch your photo for use.

So, if you find that you have taken your photo and it does not look impressive, consider using the Photoshop software application.

This software tool will help create, improve, or otherwise edit your photo to perfection.

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In conclusion, hiring managers get to see astonishing choices of pictures for the accompanying resumes for job applicants.

Most job seekers do not care about the type of photo they include in their resumes.

They use any picture as long as it shows their fashion sense and figures.

Well, if you are one of these people, do not do that.

The choice of profile picture for your resume is very important.

You need to include a photo that will capture the eyes of potential employers first thereby making them see that you are the fit candidate for the job.

So, to include a perfect photo for your CV, consider the resume photo tips above.