How To Write a Creative and Compelling Graphic Designer Resume

This post is written by Grace Carter. She is a tech editor at and She teaches interns, works with HRs and improves the quality of services.

It’s easy to think that you are such an excellent designer that clients will find you. However, there are so many Photoshop designers out there that are just like you. This means that if you want a great job you need to stand out.

And if you want to stand out, you need to write a great Graphic Designer resume.

Here are some tips:

1. You don’t need to be flashy

Many Photoshop designers feel like their resume needs to reflect their skills so they put an emphasis on an interesting design instead of putting an emphasis on good content. While this may attract initial attention, your resume will likely end up in the trash bin because you haven’t put enough effort into making your content shine. Go with something simple and effective.

2. Choose the right format

The format of your resume can make or break your case. It may not seem as important but it definitely is, in a more subtle way. For instance, it affects which sections you place first and in which order you place bullet points within that section.

If you have a lot of experience, go with reverse chronological as it showcases your career first which is likely much more impressive than your education. If you are a newbie, go for the chronological which showcases your education – your strongest point – first.

3. List proper contact info

People often don’t put enough emphasis on this area of their resume. However, when you think about it, this is a really important part. If you mess up your email address or your phone number, you’ll never know if you got hired. It can also say a lot about who you are as a person.

Make it simple – one phone number, one email address (make sure it looks professional), a link to your site and that’s it.

4. Write a good summary

Your summary should be about you and your goals, right?

Not really.

The summary of your resume should be all about what you have to offer to the other party. Write about your experiences but in a way that will allow your recruiters to see how you can help them. Use quantifiable data which is much more eye-catching than your average text. However, don’t make this section longer than five sentences and definitely do not say that your goal is just to get hired. Of course, it is, but you should say something like “My personal goal is to take on a part of the workload at the [name of the company] using my proven skillset”.

Tools That Can Help

How you write your resume is just as important as what is written. Poor grammar and sentence structure could cause doubt in your skill. The best thing you can do to avoid making mistakes is to use some of these tools, previously recommended by resume writers:

  • Resume Service– Because writing a resume can be so taunting, you can always employ a service like this one to help you with it.
  • ViaWritingand Simplegrad– Mistakes in grammar are pesky and ruin your reputation. Do something about them with these tools.
  • Oxessaysand Ukwritings– Proofreading can be a bit time-consuming and you often overlook some of the biggest mistakes. Imagine how that misspelled a niche-specific word is going to look to your recruiter. These tools were recommended by UKWritings review.
  • StateOfWritingand MyWritingWay– Sometimes, you just need some tips from like-minded people. Look for those on these blogs.
  • Essayrooand Boomessays– If you are looking for a good editor that can make your resume even better, look for these tools, recommended by Australianreviewer.
  • WritingPopulistand LetsGoAndLearn– These writing guides are an excellent writing help if you get stuck.

Write about your experience

“When creating an experience section, you should always pay attention to how relevant it is to the job you are applying to. If you had many assignments, list only the most relevant and similar ones where you excelled. If you are a new Photoshop Designer, you should find a few gigs on job boards or in your local community, do them for cheap and build some experience. It’s really a matter of showcasing your achievements on the job rather than your responsibilities,”  says Jenny Green, a resume writer from

Include these as well:

  • Achievements within your education section – This adds credibility to your degree and makes you more appealing as a candidate.
  • List your crucial skills – These include those required in the job advertisement.
  • Add awards and accolades – These make you a lot more compelling g as your skill level is confirmed.
  • Add a link to your portfolio

Craft The Best Resume You Can

Even though writing a resume can be a bit difficult, you should always do your best. Follow the rules, be honest and remember to include all of the things stated necessary in the job advertisement. Hopefully, these tips help as well.