Step 4: Deselect the Selection

Now release the mouse. Press Cmd+D/Ctrl+D to deselect the selection.

5-2 - Day 16: Patch Tool in Photoshop - How to Use it

Ist’s it looking cool?

Let’s remove other two moles also. One is below her right nostril and another in on her left cheek.

6-1 - Day 16: Patch Tool in Photoshop - How to Use it

Now that we know how to use Patch Tool, let’s understand this tool a little bit deeper.

Option Bar of Patch Tool in Photoshop

7 - Day 16: Patch Tool in Photoshop - How to Use it

Let’s learn each option one by one.

1. Patch

This defines the technology that Patch Tool use. “Normal” lets Patch Tool to use the old technology by matching the source pixels against target pixels, and then fills the source pixels. “Content Aware” uses the new Photoshop Content-Aware technology. To be frank, I have faced any situation where I needed to use Content-Aware technology. “Normal” technology has always worked for me.

2. Source/Destination

The demo that I showed you is demoed with the “Source” option. In the option, you can encircle the flaw and move it to the area of where you want the pixels of. In “Destination”, you just do the opposite. You encircle the destination and move it on the flaw. The generally saves time when you want the same pixels to placed in several places.

3. Transparent

This is something you always want to turn off. If your image has transparency, you may want to turn it on. If you don’t know what is transparency in the image, just skip to the next point.

4. Use Pattern

This feature allows you to use pattern along with the blending of pixels.

5. Diffusion

Diffusion slider controls how quickly the pasted region adapts to the surrounding image. As a general guideline, low slider values are good for images with grains or fine details whereas high values are good for smooth images.

That’s all for today.

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