Step 5: Add Cinematic Effect

You see that most of the movies are on the warmer side. Time to add warmness to the photo.

Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter.

Choose a warm filter and increase the Density as per your requirement.

5-1 - Remove the Green Background in Photoshop

Step 6: Add Lens Flare

Create a new layer at the top of layer panel. You can do this by pressing Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + N. Name the layer whatever suits you.

Fill the layer with Black color. This can be done first pressing D. This make Black and your foreground color. Now press Opt+Delete/Alt+Backspace. This will fill the layer with the foreground color that is the black color.

Change the Blend mode to Screen.

Go to Filter>Render>Lens Flare. 

Adjust the position of the flare by dragging and dropping it. Once the position is set, press OK. You make need to undo the position of the Flare several times to make it fit bests.

6-1 - Remove the Green Background in Photoshop

This is how the image will look once it’s done.

7-1 - Remove the Green Background in Photoshop

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