You must have seen in many movies that they are filmed against green backgrounds and wonder what are those backgrounds for? Even if you know what are those for, you wonder why only green. Why not red, blue or black? In this tutorial, I am going to answer first why green background and how to remove the green background in Photoshop.

Last time, I showed you how to insert an image in a text.

Here’s the final image.

Final-3 - Remove the Green Background in Photoshop

Why is the Background Green?

Green screens are based on the idea of chroma-keying. The idea behind is that it can be replaced with any background. Technically speaking, the colors can be gray, white, black, or purple, but green is used most often because it “stands out” the best. When I say “stand out” in the sense that since chroma-keying is picking up a color and replacing it with a different image.

Another color that often used is Blue.

Now that you know why do we use the green background, let’s start eliminating the green background.

Step 1: Open the Image which is Going to be the Background

Sounds weird but you need to open the image that’s going to be the background. Becuase we’re going to place the green screen image on this one.

1-1 - Remove the Green Background in Photoshop

Step 2: Place the Green Screen Image

Place the green screen image on this one.

If you don’t know how to place an image on this one, open that image in Photoshop. Press Cmd+A/Ctrl+A to select the entire image. Time to switch back to the current image in Photoshop. Paste the image by pressing Cmd+V/Ctrl+V.

You can move the image using Move Tool in Photoshop.

2-1 - Remove the Green Background in Photoshop

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