Step 4: Golden Sunset Effect in Photoshop is Almost Ready

Change the blend mode of the gradient map layer to overlay. You can find blending mode at the top of the layer window.

17-8_thumb - How to Create Golden Sunset Effect in Photoshop

If you think that your photo is over saturated then simply reduce the opacity. Now once again add new adjustment layer as we did in step 2. This time select Levels.
Drop down the pre-set menu and click on “mid-tone brighter” or you can adjust the levels manually.

17-9_thumb - How to Create Golden Sunset Effect in Photoshop

Now you can give the final touch to your photo with whatever the way you want.

Head over to my next tutorial Add Watermark to an Image where you will learn adding watermark to your image so that you can prevent your image from piracy.  See you there.

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